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  • High Maneuverability: The design provides exceptional agility in tight spaces.
  • Extended Battery Life: Equipped with a lithium-ion 48V/560Ah battery for prolonged operation and rapid charging capabilities.
  • Advanced Safety Features: Includes regenerative braking, LED lights, an overhead guard, and ergonomic controls.
  • Low Maintenance: Lithium-ion battery and electric motor require less maintenance than traditional lead-acid batteries and internal combustion engines.
  • Compact Design: Ideal for small and medium-sized operations with space constraints.


  • Limited Lifting Capacity: 5,000 lbs capacity may be insufficient for some heavy-duty applications.
  • Initial Cost: Higher upfront cost compared to some other forklift models.

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EKKO EK25G-LI Electric Forklift Review

The EKKO EK25G-LI Electric Forklift is a high-performance material handling solution tailored for diverse industrial environments, including warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities. Boasting a robust lifting capacity of 5,000 pounds and powered by advanced lithium-ion technology, this forklift combines efficiency, performance, and reliability to serve a wide array of applications effectively.

Key Specifications

  • Lifting Capacity: 5,000 lbs
  • Lift Height: 177 inches
  • Fork Length: 42 inches
  • Overall Dimensions: 88″ x 42″ x 87″
  • Battery: Lithium-ion 48V/560Ah
  • Travel Speed: 8.0 mph (unladen), 7.5 mph (laden)
  • Turning Radius: 75 inches
  • Weight: 10,200 lbs (including battery)

Performance and Efficiency

The EKKO EK25G-LI Electric Forklift stands out for its remarkable performance and efficiency. Powered by a robust lithium-ion battery, it ensures consistent power delivery and extended operational hours, minimizing downtime crucial for demanding industrial operations. The 48V/560Ah battery supports rapid charging, enabling quick recharges during breaks or shift changes, enhancing productivity in high-demand environments.

With its 5,000-pound lifting capacity and a maximum lift height of 177 inches, the EKKO EK25G-LI handles various materials with ease, from standard pallets to heavier industrial components. The electric motor provides smooth acceleration and precise control, facilitating delicate load handling and complex maneuvers.

Safety Features

Safety remains paramount in material handling operations, and the EKKO EK25G-LI incorporates advanced safety features for secure and efficient operation. Its regenerative braking system enhances control and stopping power while recovering energy during braking, contributing to overall energy efficiency.

The operator cabin is designed with ergonomics and visibility in mind. Wide-view masts and strategically placed mirrors minimize blind spots, while LED lights enhance visibility in low-light conditions. An overhead guard offers essential protection against falling objects, ensuring operator safety during operation.

Maintenance and Durability

Designed for minimal maintenance and maximum durability, the EKKO EK25G-LI features a lithium-ion battery that requires less upkeep compared to traditional lead-acid batteries, offering a longer lifespan and eliminating the need for regular water top-ups. The forklift’s electric motor is also low-maintenance, reducing operational costs and downtime.

Constructed with a durable frame and high-quality components, the EKKO EK25G-LI withstands daily use in challenging industrial environments. Accessible battery compartments and service points simplify routine maintenance tasks, further ensuring operational efficiency.

Use Cases

The versatility of the EKKO EK25G-LI makes it an ideal choice across various applications. In warehouse settings, it excels in loading/unloading trucks, transporting goods, and managing high racking systems. Its compact design and tight turning radius of 75 inches optimize navigation in narrow aisles and confined spaces, making it well-suited for retail environments. In manufacturing facilities, it efficiently handles raw materials and finished products, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Personal Perspective

Having extensively utilized the EKKO EK25G-LI Electric Forklift in our warehouse operations, I can attest to its exceptional performance and reliability. The forklift maneuvers smoothly, even with its robust lifting capacity, allowing for precise movements and efficient operation in our facility’s limited spaces and congested areas.

The lithium-ion battery provides consistent power throughout the workday, with rapid charging capabilities ensuring minimal downtime during peak operational periods. This extended battery life has proven invaluable, supporting continuous operations without frequent interruptions.

Safety features have been instrumental in maintaining a secure working environment. The regenerative braking system enhances control and energy efficiency, while the LED lights and wide-view mast improve visibility, reducing potential hazards during operation. The ergonomic design of the operator cabin minimizes operator fatigue, ensuring sustained productivity throughout shifts.

Maintenance of the EKKO EK25G-LI has been straightforward and cost-effective. The lithium-ion battery’s reduced maintenance requirements and the low-maintenance electric motor have contributed to overall operational efficiency and reduced downtime, translating into significant cost savings over time.

Product Review Conclusion

In conclusion, the EKKO EK25G-LI Electric Forklift stands as a versatile, efficient, and reliable choice for various material handling applications. Its impressive lifting capacity, advanced lithium-ion technology, and ergonomic design make it a preferred solution for warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities seeking to enhance productivity and safety.

The forklift’s compact size, enhanced safety features, and minimal maintenance requirements further underscore its value in demanding industrial environments. Whether navigating narrow aisles or managing heavy loads at height, the EKKO EK25G-LI delivers exceptional performance and reliability, making it an indispensable asset in any operational setting.

FAQs about the EKKO EK25G-LI Electric Forklift

  • What is the lifting capacity of the EKKO EK25G-LI? The EKKO EK25G-LI has a lifting capacity of 5,000 lbs.

  • What is the maximum lift height of this forklift? The maximum lift height of the EKKO EK25G-LI is 177 inches.

  • What type of battery does the EKKO EK25G-LI use? The forklift uses a lithium-ion 48V/560Ah battery.

  • How long does the battery last on a full charge? Battery life varies based on usage but typically supports extended operational hours.

  • What safety features are included in the EKKO EK25G-LI? The forklift includes regenerative braking, LED lights, an overhead guard, and ergonomic controls.

  • Is the EKKO EK25G-LI suitable for narrow aisles? Yes, with a tight turning radius of 75 inches, it navigates narrow aisles effectively.

  • How easy is it to maintain the EKKO EK25G-LI? The lithium-ion battery requires minimal maintenance, and the electric motor is low-maintenance, reducing operational costs.

  • What are the overall dimensions of the forklift? The overall dimensions are 88″ x 42″ x 87″.

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